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Solomon Show NEW Slipstream Urban Trailer

At the Recent TCS&D show in Peterborough, Solomon unveiled its new Slipstream urban trailer.  It features Solomon’s registered design with sculpting of the bodywork either side of the refrigeration unit to slip through the air.   Having studied cab top deflector placement on tractor units the technical Engineers found that in 90% of cases at least 200mm of the front face of the trailer was exposed to the wind above the deflectors.  Thus the focus was on creating a slightly smaller version of Solomon’s rigid Slipstream that has been so successfully proven at Millbrook.

Aesthetically the trailers have real purpose with the sculpted front end.

Sculpted Front End

Sculpted Front End

Other aerodynamic features include a rear vortex generator and high aspect aerodynamic cappings.

Vortex Generator

Vortex Generator

Solomon is currently working with a large independent operator to test the trailer at Millbrook independently for exact fuel analysis.  Update to follow autumn 13.

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