Solomon Commercials Provide New Fleet For Sainsburys

Solomon Commercials recently provided Sainsbury’s with a brand new fleet of Rigid and Urban trailer vehicles.

Both vehicles feature Solomon Slipstream aerodynamics, with the rigid having won critical acclaim and awards for its design and road safety features, including extra cycle safety side guards and camera systems. The rigid also features an Undermount refrigeration system, which allowed Solomon’s to implement a fully curved front end design to the body, increasing the vehicles aerodynamic efficiency.

The urban trailer features Solomon’s slipstream system, which curves down either side of the refrigeration unit. This reduces the forward facing frontal area as much as possible, and allows air to flow over the vehicle in a much more efficient manner. Both vehicles also display Solomon’s Kamm Tail curved roof at the rear. This Kamm tail accelerates airflow off the trailing edge of the body, reducing the turbulent area behind the vehicle, further improving efficiency.

Both bodies provide multiple loading options and temperature applications, allowing for widely differing loads to be carried in a single vehicle, further increasing their effectiveness, and improving operations for the customer.

Rear Kamm Tail

Rear Kamm Tail

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