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23 - 26 tonne

23 - 26 tonne

Engineered design to meet todays increasing demands

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Learn more about Slipstream the new Aerodynamic solution by Solomon.

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Greater payloads meeting todays increasing demands.

Long term reliability and minimal maintenance costs are the key for this range, and this is where Solomon Commercials wins. Our bodies are engineered to last, with increased reinforcement within the panel construction ensuring the body lasts the trials and tasks of your operation.

Whether acting as a dedicated trunking vehicle for docking work, or performing as a large multi-drop distribution vehicle, these bodies deliver.

Long term reliability, but low maintenance costs - these bodies make the ideal refrigerated delivery choice


Through our specialisation Solomon has tremendous expertise in providing its customers with temperature controlled bodywork that meets their exact requirements

Multi-temperature-solutions Side and rear entry steps Impregnated panel finishes
Fixed or moving partitions Demountables, drawbars and urban trailers Load Restraint Systems
Folding or fixed shelving designs Hanging meat vehicles Temperature monitoring equipment
Side and rear door closures Paintwork and graphics Aerodynamic solutions

Insulated Box Body Vans and Lorries – 23 – 26 tonne

Insulated box bodies con’t come off the shelf from any lorry manufacturer – we’re the insulated box body manufacturer for them – and you!

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