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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Solomon Commercial Limited takes its responsibilities in respect of modern slavery and human trafficking seriously. We are committed to playing our small part in eradicating this modern-day scourge, which has been described as criminality hidden in plain sight. Government research recently concluded that it costs the UK economy £4 billion annually.

We present our 2021-2022 statement as required by section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The Board of Directors endorsed this report in full agreement. This statement covers the activities of the all departments and functions within Solomon Commercials Ltd.

As Director with key responsibility, I am proud to present this public statement of our position. We fully intend this to be a living policy that informs our culture and development and it will be updated regularly. It will always be displayed prominently on our website by hyperlink from the employment page.

We are a significant presence in the UK manufacturing temperature-controlled rigids and do this across all company departments and shifts; Assembly, Kingsway, Carrs, Chassis, Bacup, Darwen and Solfab.

Throughout our organisation we require staff to observe the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010. Our employee handbook summarises their obligations. Staff in particularly sensitive roles e.g. procurement, receive additional training. Next year we will review whether such staff fully understand how our gifts and hospitality policy feeds into the fight against slavery and trafficking, by promoting the company policy to all employees and Managers.

In the last year, we have not identified any products, materials or services purchased, or labour used, exposing us to situations of slavery, exploitation, coercion or human trafficking. Our ability to verify this is, of course, limited. Should we discover potential infringements, we would report our concern to the appropriate authority.

Equally, and although it has not happened to date, we would not hesitate to report to an appropriate authority any concerns about abusive activity we encounter on our premises.

We acknowledge that seasonal work can present particular risks; especially where migrant labour is used. This is not a risk for our organisation as we do not utilise seasonal workers.

We always ensure that all staff we engage have the legal right to work in the UK. Our recruitment and promotion policy draws on the “Dhaka Principles” originally established by the United Nations and Institute for Human Rights and Business. It enshrines a modern slavery and human trafficking guarantee. No member of staff is subject to forced labour or coercion: every member of staff enjoys 100% legally compliant employment, terms and conditions.

You can view our Recruitment and Promotion Policy here.

Any agency workers that are on a Solomon Commercials site have been vetted and recruited in a fair way, all agency staff work under an agency contract for a maximum 12-week period, and enjoy legally complaint employment.  Agencies used by Solomon Commercials are required to complete a questionnaire on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, and are asked to provide supporting evidence prior to any agreements being put in place.

One of the most important ingredients of a successful business is undoubtedly its staff. We have already commented on our commitment to legally compliant employment. We uphold the highest standards in our wider human resources policies and practices. A number of these policies have relevance to modern slavery and trafficking, albeit indirectly.

  • We provide clear guidance to staff about tackling bribery and corruption.
  • We operate specific provisions through which they can confidentially report work related concerns or “blow the whistle”.
  • We promote equality and diversity and have adopted measures to deal with any instances of intimidation, bullying or harassment.
  • All members of staff have access to our grievance procedure.

You can view our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy here.

You can view our Bullying and Harassment policy here.

You can view our Bribery provisions here.

You can view our Grievance procedure here.

Provisions such as these not only reflect our commitment to the highest employment standards; they can also play an important supportive role in our opposition to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our intention is to continue to undertake further familiarisation with all of our staff on an annual basis.


Martin Hinton
Managing Director