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Grievance Procedure

Where possible, you should try to settle minor, day to day, work-related issues informally. Please do this via your line manager. If the issue concerns your line manager, you can raise it with their manager. We recommend discussing any concern promptly. This is often the best way to resolve matters speedily, effectively and without need for formality.

Our Procedure.

Our formal grievance procedure allows you to express a complaint or identify a matter of concern still remaining unresolved. It provides an opportunity for us to consider issues you can’t resolve informally. You can also use it where you believe an informal approach would be inappropriate. The procedure is open to you at any time and we always try to deal with issues fairly and consistently.

If you wish to have a grievance formally investigated, please submit it to us in writing. Please provide full details of the matter and tell us about the solution you are seeking. This should normally be addressed to your line manager. They will arrange a meeting to discuss and consider it. If the grievance is about your manager, address it to their manager. Following the meeting we will confirm the outcome in writing.


If you feel a matter has still not been satisfactorily resolved, you may appeal in writing. This must be done within five days of receiving the written outcome from the meeting. Appeals will be heard, wherever possible, by a more senior manager without any prior involvement in the matter. The outcome of the appeal is final.


A work colleague of your choice or trade union representative may accompany you at grievance hearings or appeals. Union representatives must be certificated by that union to act as a worker’s companion. We give suitable notice of meetings and will consider one adjournment if date or time is inconvenient to your representative.