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Equal Opportunities and Diversity

We promote a working environment in which diversity is recognised, valued and encouraged. We acknowledge the multi-cultural and diverse nature of the UK workforce and society in general. We are committed to principles of fairness and mutual respect where everyone accepts the concept of individual responsibility. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure you observe and adhere to this policy at all times. We view any breach seriously. We will investigate and potentially take disciplinary action. This may include dismissal in instances we consider gross misconduct.

We recognise that discrimination in the workplace in any form is unacceptable and in most cases unlawful. Our policy seeks to ensure job applicants and employees are treated fairly and without favour or prejudice. We are committed to applying this throughout all areas of employment. This includes recruitment and selection, training and development, benefits, rewards and promotion, dealing with grievances and disciplinary issues.

Our policy complies with current legislation. We review it regularly and will update it if the law changes. However, we recognise that equality of opportunity is best achieved by day to day commitment throughout the organisation. We offer support and training where necessary to achieve and maintain this.

Recruitment and Promotion

The selection methods we use for recruitment and promotion are related to the requirements of the job. We do not seek irrelevant qualifications, experience or skills. Applicants for employment are short-listed/selected solely on the basis of their assessed capability for the role.

Protected Characteristics.

No job applicant, employee or anyone our organisation deals with receives less favourable treatment because of their protected characteristics. The protected characteristics are:

• Age
• Disability
• Gender Reassignment
• Marriage and Civil Partnership
• Pregnancy and Maternity
• Race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin)
• Religion or Belief
• Sex
• Sexual Orientation

Our Recruitment and Employment Principles.

We embrace principles supportive of equal treatment without discrimination and with the protection of employment law for all staff.

They are broadly based on principles developed by the United Nations and Institute for Human Rights and Business regarding migrant workers. However, we have chosen to extend relevant principles to all our staff.

We treat all staff equally; without discrimination and with respect for their human rights. All staff enjoy the protection of relevant UK law in respect of their employment.
In particular:-

We bear the full costs of recruitment and do not charge staff fees for hiring, placing or promoting them.
• We provide written statements of terms and conditions of employment to all staff as required by law. These documents explain everything in a clear and transparent way.
• We support the right to seek, obtain and hold employment without discrimination and with complete respect for dignity.
• We do not coerce anyone to work for us. When you choose to work for us you do so voluntarily.
• You must prove your entitlement to work in the UK. However, we do not hold or retain original passports, identity documents or residency papers. You should retain such documents personally.
• Everyone is paid regularly, in accordance with their terms and conditions. We provide a written summary of pay and deductions (pay slip) on every occasion.
• Everyone has the right to join or not join a trade union at their complete discretion.
• We provide safe and decent working conditions with suitable training as necessary. Our operations comply with or exceed statutory health and safety standards.
• We provide formal grievance provisions through which staff are free to lodge a work related complaint or raise a matter of concern.
• We do not impede anyone’s freedom of movement or their opportunity to seek employment elsewhere.

Your Responsibilities.

Each and every one of us is a stakeholder in the success of this policy. We expect you to make a positive contribution towards maintaining an environment of equal opportunity throughout the organisation.

Please make sure you observe this policy at all times. In particular, you have individual responsibility to adopt the following:

• Do not take unlawful discriminatory actions or decisions contrary to the spirit of this policy.

• Do not discriminate against, harass, abuse or intimidate anyone on account of their protected characteristics.

• Do not place pressure on any other employee to act in a discriminatory manner.

• Resist pressure to discriminate placed on you by others and report such approaches to an appropriate manager.

• Co-operate when we investigate, including providing evidence of conduct which may amount to discrimination.

• Co-operate with any measures introduced to develop or monitor equal opportunity.

Discrimination is not just treating one person less favourably than another. It can take place because:

• Someone associates with a person with a protected characteristic.

• Someone is believed to possess a protected characteristic (even though they don’t).

• Something particularly disadvantages people who share a protected characteristic more than others.

We expect you to treat, and be treated by, other employees and the people our organisation deals with considerately and with respect.

If you feel subject to discrimination, make clear to the individual concerned that you find it unacceptable. Person-to-person discussion at an early stage may be enough to resolve it without involving anyone else. Alternately, seek the help of a trusted colleague and ask them to approach whoever has caused you offence.

If the behaviour continues, or you consider an instance to be particularly serious, please implement the grievance procedure. We assure you that grievances will be dealt with promptly and in a discreet and caring manner.

Should you feel an individual grievance is not appropriate to the situation, you may consider using our confidential reporting procedure.