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Spotlight on…Neil Ormerod, Sales Manager

Neil has been with Solomons not long after the company began operating.

He joined at 16 in 1984, when just approximately 15 people were working at the company, joining as an apprentice on the shop floor.

After serving his time there, he began heading up the process of pressing panels before moving over to supervising finishing department. Neil then moved into the sales team, where he’s been an integral part of the team since 1999.

Clocking up approximately 38 years of service, he’s worked at Solomons alongside Phil Walton, Dave Lavelle, Martin Hinton, Mark Hanson and Ian Ormerod, who had also joined the company approximately two weeks before him.

As Sales Manager, Neil oversees customer relationships across the UK but has specific responsibility for the North, including Scotland.

Neil said: “The business has changed dramatically from nearly 40 years ago where we were producing approximately eight trucks every month, to how we have streamlined the process, so we make far more technically advanced trucks each day.

“Technology has been the big change, from manual processes where we’ve now got state-of-the-art CNC machinery and 3d drawing capability.

“Due to production being streamlined, we are able to work in partnership with the large fleet operators, but I’m also proud to say we still look after independent companies that require one or two vehicles. For us, every customer matters, no matter how big or small.

“Innovation is driving our business, and as a company, our focus is to help customers large and small. There’s increasing demand for electric and ultra-low emission vehicles, and there will be a move to hydrogen-powered trucks and vans. Technology is also shaping the future of customer requirements with higher specification vehicles, but I’m pleased to say our company is leading the field in this area.”

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