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Solomon’s Supply new DHL Nisa 26T

Solomon’s have recently completed the build to supply DHL and Nisa with 61 new 26T vehicles, featuring a host of revised design features, including Solomon’s new aerodynamic and cycle safe Side Skirt systems.

Having been the first customer to specify the now market-leading Solomon slipstream design for over cab refrigeration units, DHL and Nisa are used to leading the way.

With their new fleet of 26T rigid vehicles, they have again worked with Solomon to develop an incredibly efficient vehicle design.

For their new vehicles, DHL Nisa specified an under-mount refrigeration unit and has taken full advantage of the opportunity for improved aerodynamics, featuring Solomon’s full slipstream aerodynamic design for Undermount units. Internally, a multi-temperature setup creates a truly flexible vehicle for a wide range of deliveries.

The design also displays the newly designed Solomon full side skirt system. This system has been designed to improve aerodynamics and safety, improving airflow around the vehicle, and preventing pedestrians and cyclists from becoming trapped under the body. The innovative design is able to be fitted around a standard side guard system, a major benefit when compared to standard side skirt setups.

With the striking Nisa livery’s applied, the vehicle really stands out on the road, displaying DHL and Nisa once again as forward-thinking companies in transportation.

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