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Solomon helps deliver temperature-controlled cargo bike

English startup EAV (Electric Assisted Vehicles) has partnered with Solomon Commercials to launch a fully temperature-controlled eCargo bike.

Designed for urban delivery of chilled or frozen goods within a continuous cold chain, the EAVcool Cargo is a purpose-built, zero-emissions quadricycle.

Developed with the manufacturer of refrigerated vehicle conversions Solomon Commercials, the EAVcool comes under the categories of electric cargo bike, delivery pedelec or light electric vehicle but with the speciality of two independent rear temperature-controlled compartments for frozen (down to -18) or chilled goods.

The EV’s small and manoeuvrable size enables this delivery vehicle to access high-density areas, requiring less space and energy than a truck or van.

The makers have designed the refrigerated electric cargo bike specifically to meet the current challenges for inner-city delivery firms and already launched variants for other delivery types earlier this year.

Nigel Gordon-Stewart, executive chairman of EAV, said, “Our program with Solomon Commercials is a further extension of the EAV concept and now allows cool cargo such as perishable foods, nutrient products, flowers, plants, biopharmaceutical products, chemicals and even artwork to be delivered without needing vans or cars.”

He explained, “EAV’s contribution is increased efficiency and a very significant reduction in both pollution and congestion.”

This light electric vehicle measures 78 inches long (2 metres) by 39 inches wide (one metre), weighs 264 pounds and can carry a 264-pound payload (120 kg). Using an “e-nertia boost” button, a 250-watt motor helps the rider accelerate up to an initial 3.7 mph (6 km/h) and then on to a maximum pedal-assisted 15 mph (25 km/h).

The EAVcool is thought to cover a range of up to 60 miles (around 100 km) in a day before recharging, and the quadricycle can be fully recharged using a regular household socket in under six hours.

However, batteries can also be swapped to keep the EAVcool in constant use for delivery providers who want to use their vehicles around the clock.

Temperature control is maintained onboard by a 12v cooling system from Dometic. The vehicle has a competitive edge compared to cooler boxes or chill bags used in vans, cars, motorcycles and mopeds, which break the cold chain logistics cycle and lose temperature control. With this electric delivery quadricycle, frozen and chilled products are continuously kept at their optimum temperature.

Anthony Clegg and sales director at Solomon Commercials added, “As more and more cities are looking to introduce clean air regulations and limit the access for combustion engines in urban environments, this is a perfect answer to ensure food products can be transported easily and efficiently in built-up areas. We’re delighted with the finished design as it works perfectly in achieving what we set out to do.”

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