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Solomon’s provide safe carriage for NHS Blood and Transplant.

Solomon Commercials have been working with NHS Blood and Transplant for a number of years now to provide a suitable solution to their very specific logistical requirements.

Solomon Commercials have developed what they hope to become a successful and long-lasting partnership with Euro Foods, a major force in supply to the takeaway market.

The transportation of any blood-related product is an incredibly temperature critical process and the vehicle body has to be able to cope with maintaining these in extremes of external ambient temperature scenarios.


Solomon’s are delighted to supply these vehicles and their bodywork has proven to be able to cope with this vital cargo.

The body features a multi-temperature specification internally, able to carry the produce of a chilled or ambient nature with a roller shutter to the rear aperture.

There were a number of challenges to overcome in a relatively small load area, least of all how the shutter would open into a multi-temperature environment, whilst retaining maximum height but most importantly, not transferring anything from the outside world into a delicate environment.

Building this body allowed Solomon to display their high standards and attention to detail, having to design and build to the stringent regulations and legislation regarding the transport of medical supplies.

This was achieve by creating a ‘roof void’ for the shutter to open into thus maintaining a self-contained cargo area.

The distribution of air was also a primary concern so an ‘air chute’ system was devised to distribute the air in an even method and therefore the product remained at a constant temperature regardless of where it was located in the vehicle.

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