New Fleet Drives Igloo Forward

Refrigerated courier company Igloo has introduced a fleet of custom-built Mercedes Sprinter box vans to provide customers with more tailored and efficient delivery solutions, reports Cold Chain News in its February issue.

Solomon Commercials developed the new vehicles and has worked with Igloo since the Watford-based company first started.  Together they set out to create multi-temperature controlled durable vehicles and, in doing so, offer a transport solution that set the standard for others to follow.

Ian Lang, sales director at Solomon Commercials said: “We examined designs that would allow a single body to carry frozen, chilled, ambient and even heated product at the same time while overcoming the challenges around payload, temperature retention and delivery rate.

“We achieved this by dividing the load area to create self-contained compartments, with their own dedicated temperature management system, according to the size and temperature of each delivery.  This gives customers the greatest flexibility to transport temperature-critical consignments, large and small, to destinations all over the UK and Europe.”

Refrigerated vans are ever increasing in popularity due to their size and easy operation. With deliveries becoming more frequent, and the likes of Amazon and other ambient providers moving to same day ordering and delivery, it is critical to provide more tailored solutions for customer deliveries.

Alistair Turner, chief executive of Igloo, said: “Refrigerated courier requirements and expectations are evolving, with more and more customers requiring a combination of ambient, frozen, chilled and heated consignments.

“Igloo has invested in this new state of the art fleet to meet a growing customer demand for more options and greater flexibility.”

The improved load management of the vans also leads to better vehicle airflow and chilling.  This helps reduce the amount of energy used by the vehicle systems and creates a more efficient delivery operation. Vehicles and storage facilities are installed with equipment to continuously measure and record chamber temperatures during operation, with alarm notifications sent in the event of temperature deviation.

Igloo hopes its new more efficient fleet will also lead to a reduction in road miles with fewer unnecessary journeys and diversions.  As congestion levels continue to rise and customer delivery expectations continue to grow, completing deliveries in the shortest possible miles is critical to running a profitable and efficient operation as well as meeting all customer demands.

Quick flow of information to Igloo drivers out on the road is essential in an operation where costs are controlled and delivery accuracy is maximized. Hand-held devices provide constant live ETA updates and routing information on driver location and status of deliveries.

Online visibility of consignments means customers can be quickly and efficiently informed of their ETA.   Job completion and electronic proof of delivery via email can be delivered to the customer within minutes of the completion of the job.

Igloo offers a multi-temperature refrigerated delivery service with national and international coverage. Igloo transports chilled and frozen consignments large and small, from parcels to pallets, to destinations across the UK and Europe.

*Original story from Cold Chain News*

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