Commonly asked Questions and Facts

What are the standard UK sizes of bodies at each weight category?

Weight category Size of body
3.5t GVW 10ft 6 inch or 3.2m
7.5t GVW 14ft or 4.3m
18t GVW 25ft or 7.6m
26t GVW 28ft or 8.6m

Can I have a body built to my own specific dimensions?

Solomon specialises in customising bodywork to meet the exact customers needs. So whatever the configuration or dimensions please give us a call.

Why have aluminium perimeter sections?

Powder coated white aluminium extrusions around the bodywork edges protect the body where it needs it the most. These take the knocks from tree branches etc. preserving the appearance and keeping maintenance bills down.

What payload will my vehicle have?

There are so many options and configurations that this question is impossible to answer without an essay. However Solomon has spent years engineering its bodies with a light but strong construction. Indeed at each weight category Solomon offers some of the largest payloads available in the market place.

Where can get my vehicle repaired?

Solomon has a network of approved repair and service agents throughout the UK, as well as a 24hr parts request service for the majority of parts. Please contact our parts department direct on 01706 237090 or click here to find out where your nearest agent is.

Can I see my body being manufactured?

Solomon is delighted to show its customers or indeed prospective customers exactly how a Solomon body is put together with a detailed factory tour. Please contact our sales department on 01706 211211 to arrange a visit.


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