Making the environment our responsibility

Solomon is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its operations.

Our aim is that no lasting environmental damage occurs as a result of its activities, and policies are being implemented to ensure that all of its operations meet or exceed the requirements of legislation and applicable best practice.

Taking environmental laws into our own hands

Our Commitments

Solomon regards compliance with relevant environmental laws, and the adoption of responsible standards where no legislation exists, as an integral part of its business strategy and is committed to considering the environmental impacts associated with its products throughout their life-cycle.

Particular focus is applied to the management of greenhouse gas emissions through implementation of a Climate Change Policy and, in addition to this, the Carbon Footprint of product families is also seen as an important aspect of the companies management in this area.

Environmental aspects are identified at each of our sites and corresponding objectives and targets set to reduce the significance of impacts in those areas. These will be reviewed on at least an annual basis to ensure continual improvement.

The Future

Solomon will endeavour to meet or surpass all applicable legislation to ensure the protection of its employees, the community at large and the environment.

Solomon intends to set, improve and review its environmental standards on a continual basis.

In striving to carry out all its operations in an environmentally sensitive manner, the company aims to continue minimising the consumption of resources; including water and energy, identify opportunities for minimising waste and raise awareness to all employees and suppliers through effective communication.

Regular monitoring and review are carried out to ensure that the environmental management system remains effective.

Solomon Environmental Policy

Maximise sustainability of positive actions through:

  • Working with our suppliers to ensure that our common objectives are met
  • Raising awareness amongst all those we work with.

Minimise waste, through:

  • Reducing the use of consumable materials and finite energy sources
  • Re-using paper and containers
  • Recycling steel, aluminium, pallets and packaging materials, paper, plastics, cardboard and printer cartridges.

Minimise energy use, by:

  • Switching off unused appliances; arranging our offices to optimise natural light
  • Improving insulation where appropriate.

Minimise the impact of business transport, through:

  • Cycling, whenever possible
  • The encouragement of car-sharing
  • Careful arrangement of meetings to minimise distance travelled
  • Minimise the impacts of materials used through use of reduced impact alternatives e.g. recycled paper.

Minimise the impact of our interventions through:

  • Identifying environmental issues and advising our clients
  • Searching for alternative options of lower impact
  • Provision of appropriate guidance materials
  • Reducing the environmental impact of new Solomon bodywork through design
  • Reduced carbon emissions through fuel saving aerodynamic technology with our Slipstream bodies
  • Reduced carbon emissions through lower body weight and overall vehicle weight
  • Using of low energy light fittings in main office areas.

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