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Commitment to the Environment

Maximise sustainability of positive actions through:

Working with our suppliers to ensure that our common objectives are met
Raising awareness amongst all those we work with.

Minimise waste, through:

Reducing the use of consumable materials and finite energy sources
Re-using paper and containers
Recycling steel, aluminium, pallets and packaging materials, paper, plastics, cardboard and printer cartridges.

Minimise energy use, by:

Switching off unused appliances; arranging our offices to optimise natural light
Improving insulation where appropriate.

Minimise the impact of business transport, through:

Cycling, whenever possible
The encouragement of car-sharing
Careful arrangement of meetings to minimise distance travelled
Minimise the impacts of materials used through use of reduced impact alternatives e.g. recycled paper.

Minimise the impact of our interventions through:

Identifying environmental issues and advising our clients
Searching for alternative options of lower impact
Provision of appropriate guidance materials
Reducing the environmental impact of new Solomon bodywork through design
Reduced carbon emissions through fuel saving aerodynamic technology with our Slipstream bodies
Reduced carbon emissions through lower body weight and overall vehicle weight
Using of low energy light fittings in main office areas.