Booths new 26T Slipstream vehicle


Booths chose Solomon Commercials for new 26T

Unique to Solomon commercials and protected by European design rights, the Solomon front Slipstream and rear Kamm tail are instantly visible on the new Booths 26T rigid. Designed to reduce fuel consumption, it also gives the vehicle a much more dynamic aesthetic, standing out on the road among other rigid designs.

Solomon engineers worked closely with the customer to design a body for both Volvo and Mercedes chassis, minimising specification differences between the two vehicles, ensuring smooth operation for the end user.

Internally, the body incorporates the Solomon front stacking lane system with flexible bulkheads. This allows for maximum flexibility with options for single, dual, and triple temperature applications. This also allows for the vehicle to transport both cages and pallets, maximising the vehicles use.


Booths new 26T Slipstream vehicle

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