Solomon Bodyguard Repairs

Solomon Bodyguard offers a complete pro-active fridge bodywork maintenance service, inspecting vehicle bodywork on a regular basis and rectifying problems before they become an issue.

Unique contracts are designed specifically for your fleet and our nationwide team of mobile bodywork engineers carry out bodywork repairs on site, reducing vehicle downtimes and most importantly saving you money. Choose the frequency of visits to suit your fleet requirements and most importantly keep on top of your bodywork maintenance through this proactive preventative measure.

Solomon Approved Repair Centres

As well as our team of mobile bodywork engineers and main repair centre, we have a network of Solomon approved repair centres, spread across mainland Britain.

This allows for your vehicle to be repaired in a workshop environment, if required, that is convenient to your location.

Please contact our main repair centre for information and we will identify the nearest or the repair centre to you.

Contact Our Repairs Team on (UK +44) (0) 1706 237 090 or


Solomon Body Guard - Features List

All bodywork repair and refurbishment undertaken is including that from other manufacturers. The Complete pro-active maintenance service.

  • On site fridge bodywork inspections by qualified engineers
  • Instant bodywork repair service
  • Regular body maintenance
  • Reduced vehicle down time
  • Reduced driver costs
  • Rapid response
  • Increased residual value
  • Improved vehicle productivity
  • Reduced Health & Safety risks
  • Improved company image through well maintained bodies

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