At the Forefront of Innovation

Solomon Commercials have once again shown their ability and drive to be at the forefront of cold-chain and temperature controlled technology. Recently launched to the public, and now in real-world trials with Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, a refrigerated vehicle with a liquid-nitrogen powered refrigeration system, features Solomon’s market-leading bodywork.

The Dearman technology, developed with Hubbard Products, uses liquid nitrogen to power the engine. Dearman’s research indicates that equipping a Euro-6 engined 17-tonne rigid truck with a zero-emission refrigeration system, as opposed to a diesel-powered unit, would cut the vehicle’s overall engine emissions of NOx by 73%.

Development work began on a production-ready vehicle design in 2015, and a considerable amount of knowledge and information transfer was conducted between all partners involved to bring this exciting new development from prototype to production ready.

Solomon Commercials engineers bought their expertise and design knowledge in refrigerated bodywork, and the requirements of a customer, to develop a vehicle that despite its revolutionary equipment, is as minimally different from a standard refrigerated body as possible. This is vital in bringing new developments to market, as they need to be able to slot into existing infrastructure and training plans as easily as possible.

Further increasing the vehicles green credentials, with the Dearman refrigeration system being mounted under the vehicle body, Solomon have been able to implement their full Slipstream and Kamm Tail bodywork to maximise aerodynamic efficiency, along with a cab mounted air deflector.


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