Why Solomon is the right choice

Solomon Commercials is the leading UK manufacturer of temperature controlled rigids, we focus 100% on temperature controlled rigids. This means all our energy, expertise and knowledge gained over the past four decades, concentrates on ensuring Solomon represents the highest quality and best value in the field.

Why choose Solomons

We Have The Control

We are perhaps unique in the UK in that we design and manufacture everything, from initial design to the vehicle leaving our doors. Based across four sites, encompassing 7 factories, we have factories for chassis preparation, panel manufacturing, body assembly, and final build and inspection. All this is conducted under 'one umbrella' of ISO9001-2015 quality control. All of this results in unrivalled design, build standards and finish within the industry.

We Deliver

Solomon’s expert knowledge in the manufacture of temperature controlled bodywork over the past three decades has led to us becoming the major force we are today and the number one choice for refrigerated vehicles in the UK.

Keeping as much of the major body manufacturing and build 'in house' as possible allows us to have maximum control of our production, day and night, to produce our products on time. We have developed a reputation for quality and service, meeting the needs of our customers whether large or small, time and again.

Our vehicle builds are also supported by a national repair network. All our manufacture is carried out under ISO 9001-2015 procedures, ensuring strict quality controls are adhered to at every stage of construction, and guaranteeing the highest standards are maintained.


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